The May Days

What I needed was a little accountability–a wee bit of momentum to light my fire. All I asked for from my Facebook friends was for encouragement to write a page or two every day in May, with the intent of jump starting a middle grade novel. What I received was amazing–a new group. Our members are both established and newbie writers. In a matter of seconds, friends were piling on the band wagon. Soon someone suggested forming a group and, for momentary lack of creativity, we formed The May Days. Now thirty + members strong, we are working toward the same goal–word production and daily creativity. And, if it doesn’t work out now and then, we keep one another going. More than anything, I am amazed by the heart these writers. When a dear friend in our group learned of her mother’s passing last night, everyone immediately sent their sympathies. One thing we all know, solace and healing can be found in the word. Here’s to many new and fabulous creations coming from The May Days.