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Illustration by Andrea Offermann

The Yin-Yang Sisters and the Dragon Frightful

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The Yin-Yang Sisters and the Dragon Frightful is a charming original tale, told with heart and humor, about twin sisters Mei and Wei whose village has become encumbered by a very problematic dragon. Please discover reviews below:


“The prose riffs satisfyingly on folklore conventions; readers and listeners will especially appreciate the repeated refrain: “Still, they were sisters. They stuck together.” Offermann’s stirring pen-and-ink-and-watercolor illustrations create a deeply textured world, moving seamlessly from breathtaking vistas to intimate close-ups. . . Visually delightful.” ~~Kirkus Reviews

“An empowering tale set in Ancient China with broad appeal. . . Offermann’s art is culturally sound and striking in its depiction of the villagers’ dress and the beauty of the rice terraces. Her use of pencil and glazing add a softness to the beautifully proportioned spreads, inviting eyes to linger. . . Expertly crafted, in both word and form, this tale feels old and new and will be gobbled up by kids.” ~~School Library Journal

“This is a recommended story for young readers and for dragon lovers of all ages.”~~Ellen Spring, School Librarian, Oceanside High School, Rockland, Maine, School Library Connection

A perfect read aloud, with a sweet sticky ending! I love that two opposite girls can work together to solve a problem and help their whole village.  Wonderful drawings with just the right amount of text!”~~Jamie, R.J. Julia Booksellers

Beautiful book. Twin sisters are told they were born to chase a dragon away from blocking a bridge in a village. The two sisters have different ideas on how to do this. Teamwork, love, compassion, patience and understanding are all themes of this book.”~~Vintage Books

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