First Steps

It began on a trip to Alaska. I read about a library in a small town that provided books to the newborns in their local hospital.
       “Hey,” I thought. “We have a hospital in Norwood. Why not do the same thing?”
I wanted to jump right in. As soon as I returned from my vacation, I planned to let my idea take flight.  Except . . . even the best of plans take some time to come to fruition—a year and a half, to be exact. Still, the timing couldn’t have been better. Just look at our first sweet recipient. First Steps Norwood has been launched, and I couldn’t be more excited.

2 thoughts on “First Steps”

  1. Hi Nancy,

    What a wonderful program. What a wonderful concept–literacy at birth! I wish it much success!

    When my son William was born five years ago, we went to the Raynham Public Library’s story hour for newborn to toddlers. Every new participant got a similar book kit to yours. They handed out for William a novelty book “Happy Baby abc” made for St. Martin’s Press by Priddy Bicknell – sounds like a packaging house. Roger Priddy was the author, ISBN 0-312-49153-0. But it was the kind of chunky toddler book that had a baby rattle handle. William carried it with him every where he went. I wonder if the Raynham library could give you more information where they got their books for their early reading program.

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