Poetry of Place with Ms Giampietro’s First Graders

I had such a fantastic visit at the Hardy Elementary School in Wellesley last week. Together we created seasonal poems about winter and summer. I also gave them a creative writing assignment. They answered 10 questions about their favorite place. These questions served as prompts for their Poetry of Place poems. You won’t believe what amazing poems these first graders wrote. Click on FirstGradePoemsMsGiampetro to  read their work!

A Few Local School Visits

On May 5th, I’ll be stopping by Elm Street school, to hang out with the Kindergarten classes. Looking forward to reading My Sister, Alicia May with them, talking about Down syndrome and creating some poems of our own. On May 21st, I’m doing a workshop at Blessed Sacrament school called Storing Up Treasures, which is all about observation and writing. Can’t wait!