April 13, 2009 Interview with Bev Beckham

And so what begin with a visit to my friend Cheri’s farmhouse in July of 2006 has come full circle. Now she and her girls and Grandma Barb headed to Walpole for an interview with Beverly Beckham from the Boston Globe. At last we have my book in hand. Yeah!

Shennen Bersani (www.shennenbersani.com) brought her sister, Holly, who also has Down syndrome. She was able to meet Alicia May for the first time. It was as if they’d known each other forever. At age forty, Holly began to play with Alicia and Cheri’s youngest daughter, Taryn, immediately. 
Soon Jean Cochran, our fearless publisher (www.pleasantstpress.com), arrived and we gathered to discuss the incredible journey of My Sister, Alicia May from its inception.
Less than a week later, here’s the whole story:
How awesome is that!